Vegan Export Consultant

🚀 Making Vegan products & services available Worldwide 🌏🌱

A French company created in 2020 with the mission of supporting businesses and entrepreneurs to develop their vegan brand abroad. We are international development and vegan specialist who want to partner with you to CHANGE THE WORLD by making it VEGAN as soon as possible. We are specialised in international developments and use that expertise to partner with you to Vegan the World!

We will help you to find the right markets as well as the most suitable export strategy to be successful globally and grow your company.

Copywriting and Marketing Consulting

Copywriting is the art of persuasion. It's about finding the right words to make people buy what you're selling. It consists of getting into the mind of yor ideal client and understanding how he thinks, what motivates him, what slows him down...

It mixes, psychology, research and creativity. Increase your turnover with your wors. The copywriter transorms your texts into lead machines. They are written in such a way that th reader feels understood, and that he cinvicnes himself that your product or services is the one for him.

Website and Ecommerce Design and Media

We design and create websites and ensure that hey get seen, converting leads into sales. Ecommerce for products and services. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email marketing, social media campaign management, growing your reach targeted to your business.

Digital Solutions for Conservation

In a conservation organisation, for example, there are often very small teams which struggle with all the behind-the-scenes administrative tasks, when they should be able to focus on their field work, helping communities, protecting nature and animals. Instead, they are often overwhelmed by the extent of tasks such as reporting, answering to hundreds of emails, writing proposals and procedures, networking etc… and it all just becomes too much. Good organisation is key to the development of any structure, using correct resources, being able to adapt to change easily, and remaining prepared to face any challenges, economic difficulties, and unexpected pandemics!

That’s where I come in for you, offering my services to refurbish websites, developing social media channels, creating databases and procedures, setting up a good administrative foundation often missing (business plans, branding concepts, marketing plans), helping to move over to digital solutions (including in French) and simply striving each day to get the word out there about your work!