Notorious gourmet, nomadic and passionate about vegetable cuisine, I have made it my mission to transmit my passion for ethical, colorful and 100% gourmet cuisine .

Nomad at heart and passionate about cooking since my youngest age, I made sure to combine the two.

After having spent my time in gourmet restaurants in France, notably Au Bistro des Saveurs in Obernai (1 Michelin star), I decided to take off.

I started my adventure in 2012 in Australia, followed by a year of exploration in Japan, then a trip to South America. I would also have the chance to explore Southeast Asia and China between each stage.

These trips will change my perception of the world and especially of cooking. My awareness of the world and of animals is growing… Vegetarianism and then veganism come to me as an obvious way to reduce animal suffering and actively fight against global warming .

So I'm learning to feed myself in a different way as an autodidact , the challenge is exhilarating, a new world of possibilities is opening up to me! Since then, I feel that my passion for plant-based cuisine grows a little more in me every day.

We organize cooking classes throughout the year with different themes according to the seasons, our desires but also yours (proteins, world cuisine, desserts, aperitif dinner…)! Do not hesitate to let us know if a theme is close to your heart 😉

Our Clients

We work mainly for individuals who want catering for an event in their life (baptism, baby shower, wedding, etc.) or for a reception.

They are also all the participants in our cooking classes, whether in a professional kitchen that we rent or in their own kitchen. Indeed, we can come to your home if you wish to organise a cooking class or a cooking demonstration.

We also work with companies, often those whose activities are related to the environment, so we prepare buffets for their meetings, lunch boxes or even their end-of-year meals or cocktails.

Cookery Videos

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