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France are leaders in eco lifestyle, philosophy, protection of human rights and much more. We are leaders too for eco villages, local monies, ethical and moral positions. Local community projects for positive action and creative enterprises to combat climate destruction.

This website is full of content about everything from vegan events and fashion to the latest pressing vegan news issues.

This website is all about providing info, to help transition people towards Veganism. Here you will find great info about everything from nutritional advice to cooking tips.

The French Vegetarian Association shares tons of great content about environmental issues, animal projects, climate. Their content is 100% vegan.



Conditions of the animals? What are their breeding, transport and slaughter conditions?


Does the animal question interest our elected officials?


Discover our educational exhibitions, our classroom activities and our educational tools adapted to school and extra-curricular audiences.

Political Party.

Fighting in local elections to make real political change. Defending the deplorable conditions of captive factoary farmed animals. Action against hunting.

France sees 100,000 abandoned dogs every year. Family pets, left on the side of the road. The worst in Europe.

Greenpeace FRANCE are excellent. They are separate to the main organisation with their own website and have great campaigns running from France. They treat global issues as well as issues specific to France.


We exist to ensure our planet and future generations thrive.

Gaia First is an international environmental NGO based in Paris, accredited by UNEP’s Clean Seas Alliance & the Global Pact for Marine Litter, and the European Commission.

Our head offices are in Paris with volunteers in more than 25 different countries.

We regularly organize worldwide clean ups as well as piloting a large-scale ocean clean-up project.

We, citizens of the entire world, have not given up fighting climate change.

Join the biggest citizen community dedicated to global action against greenhouse gases.

Time for the Planet is gathering money to detect and deploy 100 global innovations against greenhouse gases.

Promoting a plant-based diet. We bring together scientists and health professionals (doctors, pharmacists, dieticians-nutritionists, gynecologists, midwives and paediatricians) specialists in nutrition.



A sharing society to solve global challenges.

World hunger, social inequalities, corruption, fraud, climate crisis and many others. The current monetary system has shown its limits and its inability to solve global issues.


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